Watch Out Wilmington, Here We Come!

Young Old Fart says…

Welcome one and all! Come follow my mom and I as we journey through the Cape Fear Coast and review everything that comes our way. From events to shopping to food (my personal expertise), we will tell you all you’ll need to know to have a surefire time. Just so we can get close and comfortable, I’ll give you some background. I am a nineteen year old who attends UNCW for a major in management and leadership (for now…though the circus is looking more and more tempting). I don’t fit the “college” stereotype. In fact, you might say I am a grumpy retiree at heart. I hate loud music, I put my pajammys on by 7pm, and I think only birds should “tweet.” My idea of a good time is german chocolate cake, petting my cats, and watching Grey’s Anatomy re-runs…yes, I have cats. I am a northerner at heart, a Jersey one at that, so I don’t bite my tongue. I may not tell you what you want to hear, but you’ll always get my fair and honest judgement…SO GET USED TO IT!

Kittens and fudge,

Young Old Fart

P.S. Isn’t the River Walk Downtown B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L?

Young at Heart says…

Wooohoooo we surely will find some fun!!! I am 53 and disabled but I do my darndest to stay positive, explore as much of my town as I can and do it on a dime…if at all possible. After choosing to settle here just about a year ago, I found that I loved this place and can’t imagine that there won’t be somewhere to go, something to eat, and people of all ages to meet. Why should you listen to my opinion? Well, we owned a restaurant near Charleston SC for about eight years and I have worked for very large companies as a corporate trainer and definitely understand the SOP’s of things (if you are wondering what an SOP is….Standard Operating Procedure).  My strong belief is that every single business should offer customer service, customer service, customer service, and I will hold every business I encounter to that standard!!! I’ll be honest and forthright when it comes to my reviews and I will expect my monies worth. So in a nutshell I plan on  having a blast while giving the “insiders” scoop on what I think are the dos and don’ts of The Cape Fear Coast. So put on your floppy hat, some sunscreen and let’s get going….


Young at Heart

P.S. Kiss = Keep It Simple Stupid…which is what I plan on doing!